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Publicity and Media Appearances for The Inconvenient Child

Testimonials for The Inconvenient ChildCLICK ON any of the links below to view the media coverage.

TV and VIDEO Interviews

ABC TV 7.30 Report - Watch the Story of The Inconvenient Child

ABCTV 7.30 Report - Watch the extended interview with Sharyn Killens

InFocus Christian News - Watch interviews with Sharyn Killens and Lindsay Lewis

RADIO Interviews

Radio 2GB Sydney - Listen as Chris Smith interviews Sharyn Killens and Lindsay Lewis

Radio 2GB Sydney - Chris Smith speaks with Sharyn Killens after the Government’s Apology

Radio 702 ABC Sydney - Jill Emberson speaks with Sharyn Killens - A Forgotten Child Speaks Out

Radio 702 ABC Central Coast - On The Bedside Table Book Review with Caroline Perryman

A Selection of NEWSPAPER and PRESS Articles

The Central Western Daily - ‘Launch a Far Cry From Youth’Authors Sharyn Killens and Lindsay Lewis

The Forbes Advocate - ‘Inconvenient Child Tells Story’

The Cowra Guardian - ‘Author Tells of Her Long Search For Her Family

The Sun-Herald ‘Extra’ - THE BIG PICTURE FEATURE - ‘An Innocent Found Guilty For Living’

Fairfax Newspapers - St George Leader - ‘Extraordinary Life’s Secrets at Book Talk’

Express Advocate - A Tale of Years of Institutional Abuse - Story of Tragedy and Triumph

Central West Libraries Blog - ‘The Inconvenient Child Authors’ Visit’ - A Popular Online Magazine with Baby Boomers WorldWide

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