The Inconvenient Child

Sharyn Crystal appears on the Gordon Elliott Show New York - 1996

In 1996, Sharyn Crystal was invited to appear on the Gordon Elliott Show in New York.Sharyn Crystal - Singer Entertainer

In front of a live audience, she told of her life growing up in Australia, and of the search for her African American father and the incredible outcome of that search.

Sharyn was Gordon Elliott’s guest in New York for her appearance on his nationally televised show. She was then intending to fly to Los Angeles to meet for the first time, her new African American family.

But Gordon Elliott had other ideas.

Watch the videos below and enjoy, as Sharyn takes Gordon Elliott and his audience on a journey through her early childhood, explaining her feelings of displacement and alienation as the black daughter in a white Australian family. Then she tells of the discovery which changed her life.

To watch the videos below, press the white square and arrow, allow to load and enjoy!

Have you discovered Sharyn’s appearance on Midday with Kerri-Anne Kennerley? If not, after you have watched these four videos below, you might like to click here on MIDDAY to watch Sharyn talking with Kerri-Anne, then Sharyn sings with the Channel Nine Orchestra!



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