The Inconvenient Child

The Inconvenient Child Book Club Notes

Why not suggest The Inconvenient Child as your Book Club’s next project?

This remarkable true story has many important social, topical and relationship aspects, just ripe for
in-depth discussion.

And to make it easy, a comprehensive list of discussion questions and additional information including ’The Writing Of’ is provided in the pdf file, ‘Reading Group Notes’.

Click ‘Download Here’ highlighted under the Notes cover photo on the right, to open the pdf file, or right click and ‘save link as’ or ‘save target as’ to download onto your desktop, then print out for your group.

Tips for Starting A Book Club.

Starting Your Own Reading Group
Decide the best size for your group. A smaller group (between four and ten) is ideal because this gives everyone a chance to participate in discussion. Alternately, larger groups allow for greater diversity.
Meeting Logistics
Where will your group meet? How often? What time? Are refreshments served?

Selecting Books
Identify the type of books your group will read. For example, do you want to focus on specific topics or genres?

How will you choose the books? Will you discuss a suggested list of titles and vote, will the host or hostess pick or will members take turns?

Choose books that challenge the group and generate discussion. Books with additional resources such as reading group guides, publisher and/or author websites with author interviews, enhanced bios or blogs certainly add new dimensions to the conversation.

Discussing Books
What atmosphere you want to cultivate? Groups can be serious and academic in tone, or lighthearted and social. Establish the tone as well as the pace of the meeting. A ‘social hour’ may be designated at the beginning of the meeting with a specific time designated for the start of the book in discussion.

Set the Guidelines for the Discussions.
Do you want to designate leaders? Who will introduce the title and author? What, if any, are the ground rules? Will guest speakers be invited? What about members who have not read the current selection?

Most Important
Enjoy yourself!

The Inconvenient Child Reading Group Notes

Reading Group Notes
Download Here

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