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“A brave and moving story, well though not ostentatiously told, The Inconvenient Child reminds us that even the princesses of fairy tales must fight for their crowns.”
Australian Book Review - September 2010 by Kate Holden

This is certainly a side of Australia that has been left out of the history curriculum and I felt privileged to be able to share the powerful journey of this courageous woman.”
Flourish Magazine - Reviewed by Lezly Herbert

“I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. I certainly wasn't.” -

The Inconvenient Child Book Review by Pam Bayfield, President of Society of Women Writers

“Sharyn’s unique story will sadden, anger, stun and cheer you well after the last page.”
Good Reading Magazine - February 2010

Highly Recommended” -
The Inconvenient Child Book Review by Kaye Fallick of About Seniors Website

“Sharyn’s story is also a truly memorable and inspiring account of good intentions triumphing over evil ones. It makes you realize that there are no excuses, Authors Sharyn Killens and Lindsay Lewis
that we all can be whatever we want to be.”

The Inconvenient Child Review by Bryony Preece of

Absorbing Book with a Great Storyline” -
Review of The Inconvenient Child by Melanie Lawrence for Fearless Reviews

“A Terrific Page Turner” -
The Inconvenient Child - Customer Reviews on

“A woman’s search for her identity inspires a new book.”

Gold Coast Life Magazine - June 2010

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