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Authors Sharyn Killens & Lindsay Lewis

The Inconvenient Child
Author Information

Sharyn Killens

Sharyn Killens was The Inconvenient Child. Her love of music and her driving ambition to become a singer-entertainer enabled her to fulfill her dream of singing on stages and cruise ships around the world, under the name of Sharyn Crystal.

She has also worked as a publicist assistant and entertainment booking agent and manager, and has served on the Australian Ladies Variety Association committee.

Sharyn has also been nominated for a prestigious Australian Entertainment MO Award for her performance. More recently, she has been a talent quest judge, teaches stage presentation and has produced children’s theatre shows.

Lindsay Lewis

Lindsay Lewis began her business career in a major record company before running her own businesses.

In the early 1980s, she moved into advertising and worked in key Sydney Advertising agencies until 1992. Lindsay then moved into publicity before starting her own successful textile design and manufacturing company with her husband, where she was Designer and Creative Director. Having sold the business, she is now involved in internet marketing.

Lindsay also spent two years co-writing, researching and publishing The Inconvenient Child.

For many years, she was also a professional singer and entertainer. During the late 1980s, Lindsay was singing with legendary African-American entertainer Freddie Paris and it was during this time, Sharyn and Lindsay met.



Sharyn Killens - co-Author of The Inconvenient Child

Lindsay Lewis - co-Author of The Inconvenient Child
Photographs by Franki Pollick Photography

Sharyn and Lindsay have been very close friends for more than twenty years.
The Inconvenient Child is the result of their close collaboration.

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